Woman asks Tinder for tech support with her Wii, and it actually worked

Turns out that sometimes, Tinder is good for something other than unsolicited dick pics and catfishing.  

Twitter user @meggzsalad was having a bit of a struggle with her Wii when the images on-screen were only showing in black and white. Instead of frantically Googling or sifting through multitudes of tech support forum responses from 2011, she reached out for help to an unlikely source — men on Tinder. 

my wii is finally in color so i’d like to take a moment to thank the men of tinder, really helped a girl out

— megz (@meggzsalad) March 20, 2019 Read more…

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America can literally run on Dunkin’ with these new shoes

Coffee isn’t the only workout fuel Dunkin’ has to offer— they have shoes now, too. 

The classic shoe brand Saucony has once again collaborated with Dunkin’ on a pair of branded running shoes. In preparation for the Boston Marathon on April 15, the coffee company is serving up a colorful take on Saucony’s Kinvara 10 shoe design for the second year in a row.

Since both Dunkin’ and Saucony are Boston-based, the collaboration is sure to hit a sweet spot amongst locals— as well as fans across the country. Last year, their collaboration sold out almost immediately, proving there’s no way to slow down these front-runners.  Read more…

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In Orbit: MashBash 2019

A staggering lineup of the world’s most innovative minds, a slew of events optimized for maximum showoff potential on the ‘gram, and a bounty of amazing tacos—it can only be SXSW. In 2019, the masses converged on Austin, hopping on motorized scooters to zoom to the next celebrity panel or legendary BBQ spot

And when they had their fill of absorbing knowledge and brisket, one party beckoned above all others. Where was the only place to take a selfie with an alien while enjoying a cocktail, piloting an AR-powered spaceship, and dancing your heart out? This year’s MashBash, of course, where we blasted off into the unknown in our space-themed celebration. Read more…

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Barack Obama’s annual March Madness brackets are here … but people just want him to come back

Once again, former president Barack Obama has released his official March Madness brackets for all to see. But the reaction this year has been a little bit different than in years past.

First, though, the picks. Obama has a history of being just okay with his picks — not great, but passable, like most Americans. And this year, once again, there’s nothing particularly controversial about them. 

In the Men’s Bracket, his pick of Duke vs. North Carolina, with a Duke championship, probably mirrors a lot of other brackets. There are a few upset picks, particularly of some No. 12 seeds, but even that isn’t that outlandish given how often it occursRead more…

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Lunarly is the self-care box for people who are into crystals

Lunarly Subscription Box
The Good

Unlike a lot of subscription boxes • Lunarly sends full-sized items you’ll actually use instead of sample-sized clutter.

The Bad

At $40 a month • the box is more pricey than a lot of other boxes. • Lunarly also doesn’t have clear guidelines for its main goal • intention setting • so it’s confusing for beginners.

The Bottom Line

With every box you get a selection of aesthetically curated, Instagram-spiritual, genuinely nice items. But the box leaves too much unexplained for beginners and seems out of touch for people who are already familiar with sage burning and meditation.

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People are sharing their best spill videos after one woman spilled 22 quarts of ranch dressing

A video of a woman accidentally spilling a giant tub of ranch is bringing Twitter users together to share different stories of their own disasters. 

It all started when Twitter user @BorboaGrant shared video of a coworker’s spectacular spill of 22 quarts of ranch.

That clip inspired others to share their own videos of spills caught on camera. The result? Perhaps the greatest thread in Twitter history, and I’m only being slightly hyperbolic. 

man i wonder who would do that 🤔

— ash (@ashton_risser) March 19, 2019 Read more…

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This meme highlights some of the absolutely wild news stories that come out of Florida

Strange stories come from every corner of the world — but there do seem to be certain, specific areas that produce a higher-than-average number of “man bites dog”-style reports.

Florida is one of them.

Anyone who’s ever read a headline with the words “Florida man” in it will know this, but if you do still have doubts, behold: a new meme has arisen.

EVERYBODY google “florida man” followed by your birthday (florida man august 22) and tell me what you get. mine is Florida Man tries to attack neighbor with tractor

— swervin merv (@g_pratimaaa) March 19, 2019 Read more…

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