13 workplace memes for when your job is a total drag


Sometimes working can feel, well, like working

While having a job is fulfilling and necessary for most, it can be a total slog at times. Bosses are bossy, coworkers are nosy, and technology only cooperates when it wants to. When work just won’t throw you a bone, know that you’re not alone. Not to quote High School Musical, but “we’re all in this together.” 

Here are 13 memes to make your workday a little easier. 

1. “Oh, I’m sorry, I must’ve forgotten that horror movie discourse isn’t my job, rather just an interesting and mildly-fulfilling hobby.”

MY BOSS: why haven’t you completed any tasks for a week and a half

ME: did you hear the news? horror movies are about grief and trauma now

— michael lutz (@WarrenIsDead) March 26, 2019 Read more…

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Prep to teach English abroad with this 150-hour online course


You probably already know this, but there’s more to life than laboring inside a cubicle 40 hours a week. In fact, it’s likely that you already catch yourself daydreaming about packing your bags and exploring the world.

But who’s to say that you can’t? Traveling to the other side of the globe is not an impossibility. You can do it and live your best life, all while making money at the same time. And how, you ask? The answer can be summarized in just four letters: TEFL.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a career track that hundreds and thousands of people have found success in, and it’s not hard to see why they did it. According to the British Council, 1.75 billion people worldwide are already speaking English, and that number is predicted to rise even further. The organization posits that by 2020, at least two billion people will be using it — or learning to use it. Read more…

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Helpful mom takes her plant sitting duties VERY seriously


Regan Speyer’s mom might have dropped some not-so-subtle (but very creative) hints that she wants grandchildren. 

Speyer has a collection of house plants that needed a little sun while she was out, so she asked her mother to simply open the blinds. 

In response, her mom sent her photos of her plants basking in sunlight, and texted how much she loved being a “grandplantrent.” 

Then, she sent her daughter even more wholesome updates. 

Asked my mom to open the blinds for my plants and she really just went above and

— Regan Speyer (@ReganSpeyer) March 27, 2019 Read more…

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‘Time’ latest Trump cover shows him singin’ in the rain


Trump’s back on the cover of Time, but now instead of drowning in the Oval Office he’s shown walking outside, singing in the rain.

Since 2017, Time Magazine has visually depicted the president’s controversial, ever-changing narrative through dramatic cover art illustrated by Tim O’Brien. The imagery has grown increasingly troublesome for Trump over the years — with the third installment, titled “In Deep,” essentially showing him drowning in his office — but the latest cover took quite a turn.

O’Brien’s “Just Singin'” art for Time‘s April 9 issue shows Trump was able to escape the storm raging in his office, take a walk outside, and gleefully sing in the rain.  Read more…

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Mia Farrow’s Twitter account is joyfully bizarre


Stream of consciousness writing made for great 20th century fiction, and now it’s coming for 21st century Twitter.

Consider Mia Farrow’s Twitter account, which has always been weird and wonderful and which recently took a turn for the absurd. 

Look at how Farrow’s most recent viral tweet moves from one thought to another, with seemingly no connection between the two.

Ive been on this Earth for a long time & have found most people to be kind and good hearted which is the reason i dont think they’ll vote for Donald Trump again. Also the first version of Myst was released in 1993 & I think its still one of the BEST video games

— Mia Farrow (@MiaFarrow) March 26, 2019 Read more…

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The new specialty Reese’s cups are perfect for the nuanced Reese’s palate


The only good news is candy news, so it’s wonderful that two new Reese’s cups will hit shelves soon.

Chocolate Lovers and Peanut Butter Lovers cups, which will be available beginning mid-April of this year, cater to those who crave slightly more chocolate or slightly more peanut butter from their Reese’s experience. They’re not shaped differently than a standard cup — we have seasonal Reese’s for that — but they are fun little variations on an already good candy.

Let’s break them down:

Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate Lovers.

Image: Reese’s

I have never sought out a Reese’s cup for the chocolate. It’s the peanut butter that sets the candy apart. So I was not particularly excited for the ” thicker chocolate shell,” which I felt would further ruin the chocolate-peanut butter ratio, nor the “richer, darker milk chocolate.” Read more…

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Here’s what the speed of light looks like at 10 trillion FPS


The speed of light, as you’re probably aware, is pretty darn speedy.

But what does it actually look like? This is the question YouTubers The Slow Mo Guys set out to answer in the latest episode of their “Planet Slow Mo” series.

The video above involves a trip to Caltech and some experiments with a camera capable of filming at 10 trillion frames per second — fast enough, in other words, to capture light moving.

The final shot, with the camera cranked up to full power, looks like something from a sci-fi movie. Read more…

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