7 of the most popular online dating sites in 2019

Knowing which dating site best suits your needs can be a minefield. 

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Dating is a competitive market. So to make the process easier for you, we’ve tracked down seven of the most popular dating sites, including those that are easy to use, those that have good customer service, and more.   Read more…

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The Good

Recommends matches for you based on an algorithm • Let’s you know who has been looking at your profile

The Bad

Expensive • Personality test has a few flaws

The Bottom Line

For those who consider themselves ‘elite’ and are looking for a serious, long-term relationship with someone from the same ilk.

1. Elite Singles

For those who consider themselves ‘elite’ and are looking for a serious, long-term relationship with someone from the same ilk.

The theme of Elite Singles is pretty self-explanatory, with the target demographic being successful, educated professionals (82% of members hold a degree), who boast deep pockets and are searching for a serious, long-term relationship with someone of the same ilk. Although you can sign up via the Elite Singles mobile app, we recommend that you sign up through a desktop to get more of a personalised experience, such as pop-ups explaining how best to use the site and tips on how to start a conversation with your matches. You’re also able to see your full personality profile on a desktop, a feature that is lacking in the app.

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It’s time to reclaim singledom as a symbol of power

“Are you swiping?” my best friend asks me over breakfast one morning. I gulp down a spoonful of woefully bland porridge and think for a moment about how to reply. 

The answer was no, I wasn’t swiping. But in saying so, I was met with a bewildered expression. I’m reluctant to swipe these days, or just to date in general, due to a long, troubling pattern of power imbalances that have occurred in every single relationship I’ve had since I started dating when I was 15. 

Now, at age 30, my status as the perennial singleton is firmly established after taking countless protracted hiatuses from dating. Not because I don’t like the idea of being in a couple, but rather because I find dating really hard. Let’s be real, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that dating is plain sailing for literally no one. But, as a woman who dates men, I’ve found that every breed of relationship I’ve ever had — from casual sex to long-term relationships — has felt completely antithetical to the vision of equality I’ve envisaged for my own life. The lack of agency I feel in my love life made me want to remain single just so I could cling on to any semblance of control. Read more…

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Guy sends Bumble message about Bloody Sunday to Irishwoman and yeah, don’t do this

There are some things you should definitely steer clear of mentioning when you’re sending an opening message on a dating appThe Troubles in Northern Ireland is high up on that list. 

Who would anyone do that, you may well be wondering? Well, we hereby present exhibit A as evidence of one of the very worst exchanges in Bumble history.

Irish Twitter user @Blaisinsquad tweeted screenshots of her interactions with a man in New York City. 

In honor of Valentine’s Day, let me share the single greatest dating app interaction of my life, from when I was in New York. (note: all my bio said was that I was Irish)

— blaisinsquad (@BlaisinSquad) February 13, 2019 Read more…

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Netflix’s first dating show pretends it’s not trash. It is indeed trash.

When it comes to reality dating shows, I’m an old-fashioned girl. Give me a Honeymoon Suite, a few dozen helicopters, geysers of champagne, and as many near fist fights as you can fit into an hour time slot — that’s just romance! 

This Valentine’s Day, however, Netflix’s first stab at the dating game, titled Dating Around, attempts to sell all of us on a new approach to the tried-and-true format, by replacing the typical Bachelor-esque rotation of suitors and lavish date cards with an intimate look at one-on-one meet ups in New York City. Netflix’s mission to take “an honest and compelling look at the real world of dating” is clear. And they achieve it… to a point. Read more…

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Dating apps face questions over age checks after report exposes child abuse

Hot date coming up? Take $30 off wine deliveries over $100 with’s Valentine’s Day deal

Feb. 14 is technically supposed to celebrate couples, but we all know the real star of this holiday for people who enjoy alcohol: Wine. 

Whether your hot date involves a significant other, your friends, or your cat, if you like wine, you’ll like this deal. wants to ensure that you don’t go thirsty on the big day: New customers can take $30 off orders over $100, with tons of bottles already on sale. 

It’s only matter of time before getting your alcohol online becomes the norm. Online ordering of wine, beer, and liquor went up 32% in 2017, with purchases from online wineries quadrupling. (We’re not surprised — liquor stores are just depressing.) Read more…

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Best Valentine’s Day gifts for her: Thoughtful items to up the romance and leave the clichés behind

Happy Valentine’s Day season, lovebirds. Here’s how to impress your wife, fiancé, girlfriend, or that cute girl at work that you always flirt with in one step:

1. Don’t get her a cheap teddy bear or the on-sale necklace that Kay Jewelers is shoving down your throat.

That’s it, that’s the whole gift guide.

Okay, we’re not done yet, but you get the gist. While she’ll appreciate anything you get her (and a bouquet of roses is totally an acceptable add-on), we’re picking the bar up off the floor and giving you some legit suggestions this year. Why give jewelry every year when she’s been complaining about how crappy her laptop is? Read more…

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How to watch ‘The Bachelor’ live online

You know a show is good when every finale is “the most shocking yet” and every season is “the most dramatic in history.” 

The ultimate guilty pleasure that is The Bachelor is so corny-in-a-good-way, we actually look forward to Mondays. Every episode, finale, and season are that intense for devoted superfans, even if Chris Harrison is paid to exaggerate in those narrations. 

There’s just something so fun about drinking while watching men and women cry over a person they just met. Haters can hate — that’s more wine for us.

Any veteran member of Bachelor Nation knows that missing an episode is comparable to the pain of being sent home on a two-on-one. When watching ABC via cable isn’t an option, there are streaming services that have your back — because reading spoiler live tweets just isn’t an option. Read more…

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