Facebook Video

Facebook is secretly building LOL, a cringey teen meme hub

FB QVC? Facebook tries Live video shopping

Facebook launches Watch Party for all, tests Live PiP commentating

Facebook Messenger is building a “Watch Videos Together” feature

Facebook buys Vidpresso’s team and tech to make video interactive

Facebook “Watch Party” lets Groups view videos simultaneously

Facebook tests posting only to profile or to News Feed to spur more sharing

Facebook is allowing its users to be more choosy with where their posts are shared.

The social network is testing a status option that lets users select if a post shows on their profile or just in Facebook News Feed. The feature was spotted by The Next Web’s Matt Navarra on Friday. 

NEW: Facebook now let’s you select whether to show your post on your profile or just in News Feed pic.twitter.com/LxxYfjygV8

— Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) December 15, 2017

Another button in testing lets users share a new post only to News Feed and to Facebook Stories and exclude their Facebook profile, Navarra also shared on Friday.  Read more…

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Facebook Sound Collection lets you add no-name music to videos

Facebook videos may start with ads, just like on YouTube

Get ready for more ads on Facebook. 

Facebook Watch, the company’s initiative for original shows, will reportedly test pre-roll video ads — a.k.a. commercials — before the actual video starts, AdAge reported Friday. 

This potential change opposes Facebook’s previous strategy and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s own words. 

“We don’t need to do pre-roll because our model is not one where you come to Facebook to watch one piece of content, you come to look at a feed,” Zuckerberg said in July during the company’s quarterly earnings report, AdAge noted.  Read more…

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