Fake News

Not shocking study says senior citizens share more fake news

The only people left on Facebook are the people who are worst at using it.

A new study from Princeton and New York University delves into how much people share fake news online, and who’s doing the sharing. It largely confirms what some previous studies have indicated, and what you might have already suspected: the people who share the most fake news are your grandparents.

More specifically, the largest determinant to sharing a fake news article was being over the age of 65 — regardless of political orientation.  Read more…

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LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman accidentally funded fake news

A Silicon Valley billionaire who co-founded LinkedIn is apologizing for accidentally funding a recently uncovered fake news operation.

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman issued a statement on Wednesday addressing a New York Times story that uncovered a “secret experiment” that utilized fake news in the Alabama Senate race that pit Democrat Doug Jones against Republican Roy Moore in December 2017. 

The Times report claims that Democratic tech operatives engaged in Russian manipulation tactics, funded by Hoffman, in an effort to help Jones defeat Moore in last year’s special election.

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