Be your own Antoni from ‘Queer Eye’: Select Cuisinart cast iron cookware is up to 46% off at Amazon

The new season of Queer Eye is finally here — which has us all wishing we could make seared beef filet with herbs and heirloom tomatoes look as casual as Antoni does.

The easy part is getting your kitchen equipped: Amazon is offering up to 46% off Cuisinart cast iron cookware today, bringing select dishes down to $70 or under. 

Cast iron is a must-have in any serious kitchen — but you’ll find that out after seeing countless Pinterest recipes call for one. The old-fashioned metal is known for its heat retention properties, wide recipe versatility, and durability (hence the obsession with Le Creuset, but spending $300 on a single pot isn’t for everyone.) Cuisinart’s porcelain enamel coating acts as an extra barrier to prevent imparting flavors or absorbing good smells. Read more…

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Cuisinart’s Burr Grind and Brew coffee maker is on sale for $57 off at Walmart

There are few things better than a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, especially one that’s brewed with your favorite beans.

The Cuisinart Burr Grind and Brew coffee maker combines the best of two different appliances — a coffee maker and a bean grinder — and rolls them into one, ensuring that you’ll be able to brew your favorite cup of coffee every time. 

You can snag the coffee maker for on sale for $142.99 at Walmart — a savings of $57.

This coffee maker encloses the beans in an eight-ounce hopper with a sealed lid to prevent moisture and automatically grinds them before brewing. Make up to 12 cups of strong, mild, or medium coffee.  Read more…

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Crappy toaster troubles? This one from KitchenAid has cooking presets and is $40 off at Walmart.

A toaster may not seem like an appliance that should be a premium purchase — how hard can it be? Yeah, that’s everyone’s thought until only one side of the bread gets toasted or a bagel gets stuck and catches on fire. 

It’s time to upgrade: This two-slice toaster from KitchenAid provides the quality your breakfasts deserve, and it’s one sale for just $59.99 at Walmart.

Up your toasting possibilities with the KitchenAid 2-Slice Toaster (model KMT2116OB). Its extra wide 1.5-inch slots make bagels, garlic bread, and thick slices of bakery bread toast-able without the risk of getting stuck — because sticking a knife in to pull it out isn’t exactly a good idea. Read more…

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Cheap blender alert: This great Ninja blender system just went on sale for $99 at Walmart

Why buy multiple small kitchen appliances when you can just buy one that does almost everything? The Ninja Supra Kitchen Blender System features the crushing power of a blender, the chopping ability of a food processor, and much, much more. 

You can now get one at Walmart for just $99, which is $71 off its list price of $169.99. Trust us, this low price is a steal.

The Ninja Supra Kitchen Blender System is a versatile and powerful little machine that can handle just about anything you can throw at it. With its mighty 1200-watt, 1.5 horsepower motor, the system is strong enough to take on frozen fruits, whole vegetables, and ice. It features a four-blade assembly for blending, juicing, and food processing, while it also comes with a two-blade dough assembly for kneading bread dough and mixing cookie dough. Read more…

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KitchenAid has a new line of cooking utensils exclusive to Walmart, and we want them all

KitchenAid has a new Walmart-exclusive line of cooking gadgets and tools — possibly as a tribute to KitchenAid’s 100th birthday a few months ago — and we are psyched. KitchenAid is our jam

There are no new stand mixers in the collaboration (boo), but other gorgeous cooking gear like utensils, strainers, bowls, and more can up the style factor in your kitchen. And that stuff is just as important as the big appliances.

Not surprisingly, you can expect premium materials, heat-resistant handles, stainless steel blades, and dishwasher-safe plastic. It’s all super affordable like the rest of Walmart’s prices (nothing over $40, actually), but still rocks that KitchenAid name and quality. That’s a win-win you won’t find anywhere else.

A few of our favorite pieces are below, but you can shop the whole collection here. Read more…

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The Bella triple slow cooker will let you cook for the whole block, and it’s now $30 off at Best Buy

Slow cookers are a mainstay in kitchens all over the world — they create the most delicious home-cooked meals, and are extremely easy to use. Your run-of-the-mill slow cooker just got an upgrade, though, because this one from Bella is a *triple* slow cooker. Yes, it’s basically three separate slow cookers in one single unit — now you can cook and keep food warm for (more than) the whole family.

You can get $30 off a Bella Triple Slow Cooker at Best Buy while this deal is live. Usually priced at $59.99, you can now have one for $29.99 — so get your recipes together and pick one up.  Read more…

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This adorable 24-piece cookware set from The Pioneer Woman’s Walmart line is $50 off

The kitchen is probably where you spend the majority of your time besides your bedroom. Shouldn’t it be just as much of a reflection of your style as the rest of the house?

The Food Network’s Pioneer Woman thinks soHer line at Walmart fulfills those cutesy ’70s feels that stainless steel can’t, from slow cookers all the way down to pots and pans. And this red 24-piece vintage speckled set is $50 off today

Side note: Finding any 24-piece set this nice for under $110 is a steal — this one just happens to be extra adorable. Read more…

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Which robot vacuum is the best in the UK? This guide can help you figure it out.

Robot vacuums are a hot item right now and although they could obviously make your life 100 times easier, there’s a hard part to the process: picking the right one.

With so many brands, features, and app capabilities out there, deciding which vacuum you’re going to drop a hefty load of cash on can be overwhelming. No worries. We hate cleaning just as much as you do and have laid out a simple, comprehensive list of all your best options, sorted by price. Read more…


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Image: Pureclean

The Good

HEPA filter • 55 minute run time • 3 cleaning programs and detachable brushes

The Bad

Not rated as high as some others

The Bottom Line

If you’d like a cheap option with some extra features like a HEPA filter, this could be the robot vacuum for you

1. PureClean PUCRC25

If you’re looking for a budget model with multiple settings and a HEPA filter, here you go.

  • Price:
Another moderately priced option is this entry-level model by PureClean, which received a 5-star rating from 37% of reviewers on Amazon. This low-profile vacuum (read: it can easily fit under furniture) has a run time of 55 minutes and includes three cleaning programs. It includes detachable brushes for hardwood and tile and also has a HEPA filter. 
Get it for £72.99 here.

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8 of the best juicers in the UK, according to online reviews

If you’re looking to do something to benefit your health, juicing could be a great place to start. A fresh juice allows you to get the most out of your fruits and vegetables, extracting vitamins and nutrients that would otherwise be depleted through other cooking methods. Not to mention, of course, they can be delicious and refreshing. 

If you’re looking to get into the home-juicing game — good for you! You’re doing something great for your health and will also probably save a ton of money on store-bought juices that can cost up to £8 for just a little bottle. However, when it comes to making your own juices, the kind of juicer you use can really make or break your experience. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. To start, we compiled a list of the top-rated juicers according to Amazon reviews.  Read more…

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Love bread more than Oprah? Save $24 on this Hamilton Beach bread machine that’s on sale at Walmart.

Do you ever linger a little longer than necessary when you pass a bakery? The smell of freshly baked bread can be dangerously enticing. But don’t spend all your dough (pun intended) buying bread when you can make it yourself at home.

The HomeBaker Bread Machine by Hamilton Beach gives you the tools you need to make freshly baked loaves to your heart’s desire and it’s on sale for $45.99 at Walmart. You could literally eat bread every day — just like Oprah!

Bread making is made simple with the HomeBaker; even if you’ve never made bread before in your life, you’ll be able to with this machine. Just add ingredients, select your desired cycle, and press start. The appliance does most of the work for you. It yields up to a two-pound loaf. Read more…

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