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Nepal launches its first Satellite named Nepali Sat-1

Nepal realizes its dream of having its own satellite by launching the first satellite into space. The first satellite named NepaliSat-1 was launched in the early morning (2:31 am) of Baishak 5, 2076 (April 18, 2019). As per the US time, the launching date is April 17, 2019. CygnusNG11 mission launches the NepaliSat-1, operated by …

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Swarm Technologies raises $25M to deploy its own 150-satellite constellation

Swarm Technologies is one of several companies looking to populate low Earth orbit with communications satellites, setting itself apart with the sheer smallness of its devices — and of course with the notoriety of having defied the FCC and earned a fine. But investors are bullish, and the company has just raised a $25 million round A to put 150 of its tiny SpaceBEEs in orbit.