Sex Education

The stars of ‘Sex Education’ on how their show turned teen tropes upside down

Netflix’s Sex Education is an empowering and groundbreaking series on adolescent relationships and identity crises. In its first week, it received rave reviews (ours included), and per Netflix, the viewership numbers aren’t too shabby.

Mashable sat down with the show’s young leads – Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, and Ncuti Gatwa – to discuss the importance of a show with such diversity and nuance, and how it feels to part of the conversation in moving representation and sexual identity forward.

Sex Education draws on a lot of tropes from classic teen movies and TV. How was it for you, having seen these versions, to get a chance to bring something new to it? Read more…

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Netflix claims an enormous number of people are watching ‘You’

Lifetime’s creepy stalker drama You hit Netflix just over three weeks ago — and according to the streaming service, that move is working out for everyone involved. 

Per a post on one of Netflix’s official Twitter accounts, the Penn Badgley-starring drama is “on track to be viewed by more than 40 million” users in its first month of streaming. 

The striking number comes less than a month after the reported success of Bird Box, which Netflix claims was viewed by 45 million accounts in its first week. Notably, these numbers cannot be 100% confirmed by outside sources, but Nielsen ratings seemingly verified Netflix’s published Bird Box numbers shortly after they were posted.  Read more…

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Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ nails a crucial aspect of sex positivity

While every adolescent story has its brushes and run-ins with sex, Sex Education does a remarkable job of tackling the inelegant topic of sexual growth with equal nuance and distinction for every character. It is not, as the title suggests, a show about one subject, but a masterfully interwoven narrative that mirrors the messiness of human sexuality.

As Mashable’s Jess Joho put it in our review of the show, “everyone, even the sex therapist, is trapped by their own narrow definition of what their own sexuality should or shouldn’t be.”

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The approach to filming sex scenes in ‘Sex Education’ marks a new chapter for the teen genre

Hollywood’s #MeToo reckoning not only shone a light on the industry’s toxic culture of predation and sexual violence. It also underscored the critical need for an overhaul of the way sex and consent are portrayed on our screens, and a major change in the way cast and crew members are treated on and off set. 

In Netflix’s new teen comedy Sex Education, that change is palpable in the way the writers’ tackle the topic of sex, but also in how sex scenes were filmed. 

Netflix hired an “intimacy coordinator” to ensure both cast and crew felt comfortable when filming sex scenes and responsible for making sure actors agreed to be touched during intimate scenes.  Read more…

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