The best UK deals for Friday: LEGO sets, Sony cameras, Olay skincare, and more

When we hear about a great deal it can be difficult to not immediately think that the brand in question must be fighting for the spotlight in a crowded market. Sometimes this is true, but not always.

Sometimes the deals come from the big boys. Sometimes the deals come from the likes of Sony, Olay, Optimum Nutrition, and the biggest of all the big boys — LEGO.

We have tracked down the best deals on construction sets, cameras, protein powders, and skincare products from all the leading names. Alongside LEGO sets, you can save on BULK POWDERS supplements, Maximuscle protein powders, L’Oréal face masks, and more. Read more…

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Why micellar water became the internet’s holy grail of lazy skincare

Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better.

Micellar water should be your new best friend. 

Skincare is kind of a cult: You stumble across one subreddit and suddenly you’re stocking up on sheet masks, researching acids, and agonizing over each pore. 

Layering serums and testing AHAs/BHAs can be wildly overwhelming, especially if you’re just getting into skincare or a functional member of society who doesn’t have the time for a full Korean 10-step routine. That’s where micellar comes in — the cleanser is like a shortcut for skincare. It’ll take the gunk off your face, and you don’t have to wash it off after.  Read more…

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