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Jimmy Fallon and Weezer cover ‘Take on Me’ with classroom instruments


Ed Sheeran‘s done it. So has Shawn Mendes, Metallica, and the Backstreet Boys. Now, Jimmy Fallon’s handed the banana shakers to Weezer.

For one of The Tonight Show‘s most beloved recurring segments, Weezer joined Fallon and The Roots to perform a cover of A-ha’s classic “Take on Me” using classroom instruments. 

We’re talking mini tambourines, wood blocks, kazoos — the works, all with that iconic animated overlay from A-ha’s music video. And huge respect for frontman Rivers Cuomo in particular, who hits those impossible high notes.

It’s not the only fun performance we’ve seen from Weezer this week, with the group joining Fallon’s barbershop quartet, The Ragtime Gals, for a rendition of their own classic track, “Buddy Holly.” Read more…

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All the hilarious things that happened during Jimmy Fallon’s 5th anniversary special


Jimmy Fallon just celebrated five years of hosting The Tonight Show with an episode like no other. 

The anniversary special, featuring celebrity guests Tina Fey, Ben Stiller, and Australian TV personality Robert Irwin – all being really, really mean to Fallon – was more like an darkly funny episode of sitcom than the regular upbeat talk show. Per Esquire, the whole episode was in fact an homage to the ’90s sitcom The Larry Sanders Show. 

The Larry Sanders Show, starring comedian Garry Shandling, centred around the behind-the-scenes operations of a talk show, and was in fact inspired by The Late Show in the years when Johnny Carson hosted the talk show Read more…

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