Middle Earth is born in emotional ‘Tolkien’ trailer

Where do our favorite stories come from, and what effects do they have on those who bring them to life? The trailer for Fox Searchlight’s Tolkien explores this through The Lord of the Rings‘ author and the journey that led him to Frodo and the rest. 

The trailer at once promises a biopic, an origin story, and a historical drama – all tied inexorably to the author’s beloved The Lord of the Rings series.

Nicholas Hoult stars as the titular fantasy author in his school and university days. There he meets a group of friends – a “fellowship” – that will be torn apart by World War I. Lily Collins stars as Tolkien’s wife Edith, to whom he wrote letters from the front as the fiery images of war crystallized into a new world in his mind. Read more…

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The ‘Queer Eye’ Season 3 trailer is here to start your week with a joyful cry

How did we ever survive the cesspool of human existence before Netflix’s Queer Eye?? Don’t think about it – the heartwarming reality show returns in less than two weeks with a whole new batch of heroes as the Fab Five take on Kansas City.

The Season 3 trailer teases all-new subjects and their journeys, including the show’s first queer woman and one duo getting the Fab Five treatment together. Like the teaser, it’s set to Carly Rae Jepsen, which is a gift unto itself.

Queer Eye returns March 15. Read more…

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YouTube demonetizes Momo videos

For some YouTube creators, the scariest thing about the spooky internet “suicide challenge” hoax, Momo, is that they can no longer make money off it.

As Momo Challenge hysteria sweeps the nation, YouTube has started to demonetize all videos about the creature, including newscasts, explainers, and educational videos debunking the online urban legend.

According to The Verge, YouTube has confirmed that the company is demonetizing videos about Momo as they violate its advertiser-friendly guidelines

It should be noted that YouTube’s decision to demonetize videos about Momo is not technically a new policy. The company has routinely removed monetization capabilities from videos surrounding “harmful content,” which seems to be its view of anything involving the Momo character. Read more…

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YouTube will now disable comments on all videos featuring children

YouTube has announced a few sweeping changes amid a number of controversies involving children’s safety on the platform.

In a post on the YouTube Creator Blog, the company laid out the actions being taken. The biggest update: YouTube will now disable comments on all videos featuring minors.

YouTube states that this change will be rolled out over the next few months. Comments will be disabled on all videos featuring young minors as well as videos with older minors that “could be at risk of attracting predatory behavior.”

Select creators that would otherwise be affected by this change will be allowed to keep comments enabled on their videos. They will be required to actively moderate their comments and keep predatory content off their video pages. YouTube will work with them to provide guidance.  Read more…

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Gillmor Gang: Social Studies

Powtoon acquires to extend its video-creation platform

YouTube revamps its strike system to include a one-time warning, consistent penalties

Facebook Watch failed to take off in 2018, but some of its creators have found success

You’ve almost certainly come across Jay Shetty’s inspirational videos on Facebook. 

The former monk has grown from around 2 million followers at the beginning of the year to more than 20 million followers just 12 months later. 

“My highest viewed video this year was 360 million views on one video,” said the Facebook video creator when we spoke on the phone in December. “I have about 10 to 15 videos, over 100 million views each.” 

When it comes to revenue via Facebook, Shetty’s stats are equally as impressive. 

“I’ve been monetizing now for the last 5 to 6 months. And it’s been incredible for me,” Shetty explained. “To give you a few overalls, for me, I’ve been doing more than 6 figures per month, more than 7 figures over about 6 months. It’s been been really, really powerful for me.” Read more…

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