Defeating Busy and Upgrading Productivity : time management for web developers/designers

Managing time has always been difficult task to do in the project. You seemed to have busy but you seem not to be productive in your day to day life. Being busy but not getting feeling of achievement  DE-motivates oneself. For an web designer or web developer the project management along with personal time management is always tedious type of job. Being busy make you feel obstructed somewhere if the output is not seen on daily life.

Theres is course that helps to manage time busy schedule o gymnasium website which can be found at this link. I have found this tutorials better for different tasks. Being productivity and achieving sense of a done will boot confidence after we can estimate time and budget.  This is the main reason why estimating time and budget will give.

So let us focus on what it takes to execute a project. Project is task done under certain time and budget with certain out put to be given. We should think always the bigger result and WBS(Work Break Down Structure) is what we need .

The phases of Work Break down includes

  • Gathering Requirements
  • Developing
  • Deploying

If we see this example on dinner, we can create site map to view it better

Inviting to dinner, Going to Grocery Shop, Cooking and Serving are the different approaches used as WBS here.


Similarly For an project we should consider the following matters:

  • Project Timeline
  • Project Budget
  • Your Process

We need to get ready to estimate for the detail following ahead.


Making a Bakery website Requires following:

  • Project time line:1 months
  • Project budget: Rs 500000
  • Process : Client approval

Project Process requires following:

  • Gather requirements
  • Present a site map or wire frame
  • Present a design concept
  • Code the front end template
  • Trigger the front end template in CMS



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