‘Glass’ tries and fails to shatter the comic book movie formula


Watching Glass is like going to the movies with that one friend who cannot help leaning over to whisper one banal observation after another into your ear, and then leaning back satisfied that he’s just blown your mind.

“In comics, this is referred to as the ‘showdown,'” explains Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson) during the climax — assuming, I guess, that no one listening has ever read a comic or seen a movie before.

Glass is M. Night Shyamalan’s sequel to his Unbreakable and Split, and like Unbreakable before it, wants to be a deconstruction of the superhero genre. But where Unbreakable was meticulous, re-examining well-worn tropes through well-drawn characters, Glass is uncontrolled. It doesn’t so much analyze or update those tropes as it does lampshade them, and call it a day. Read more…

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