One way to a higher salary? Master data management by taking a course on SQL.

Online Learning SQL

Where there’s data, there are databases; and where there are databases, there is Standard Query Language (SQL). In a nutshell, SQL is a standardized method used for collecting specific data out of a massive database. Did we lose you yet?

To better explain it in a way that won’t make your head spin, here’s the ELI5 version: Let’s say Siri is a database. Given that it’s heavily fed with colossal amounts of data, it can pretty much answer almost every question you may have. If you want to extract information from Siri, you have to carefully structure a sentence or command in a way that can be easily understood by the system (say, if you need to find out the weather, you may come up with something like “Siri, what is the weather outside?”) so you can get the most accurate result. That’s essentially how SQL works. It’s the language you use to interact with a database to make it respond to a query.

It sounds easy in theory, sure, but it gets complicated once you get to the nitty-gritty. And that is why companies who deal with data (spoiler alert: that’s quite literally everyone) are willing to pay top dollar to people who are proficient in SQL so they can make sense of the mounds of data they receive on a regular basis. Just how much are we talking about here? An average salary will be around $85,588. They pay even more handsomely if you’re exceptionally skilled at Oracle and Microsoft SQL, two of the top relational database management systems used by businesses worldwide.

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