Lightning Motorcycles unveils Strike e-moto, with up to 200 mile range

Lightning Motorcycles finally unveiled the electric vehicle it had been teasing for months. With a $12,000 to $19,000 price range, the Strike electric motorcycle has options with a 200 mile range, 150 mph top speed, and 35 minute DC fast charge times. The new machine has a more upright riding position and friendlier price-tag than […]

Mars helicopter bound for the Red Planet takes to the air for the first time

The Mars 2020 mission is on track for launch next year, and nesting inside the high-tech new rover heading that direction is a high-tech helicopter designed to fly in the planet’s nearly non-existent atmosphere. The actual aircraft that will fly on the Martian surface just took its first flight and its engineers are over the moon.

Helpful mom takes her plant sitting duties VERY seriously


Regan Speyer’s mom might have dropped some not-so-subtle (but very creative) hints that she wants grandchildren. 

Speyer has a collection of house plants that needed a little sun while she was out, so she asked her mother to simply open the blinds. 

In response, her mom sent her photos of her plants basking in sunlight, and texted how much she loved being a “grandplantrent.” 

Then, she sent her daughter even more wholesome updates. 

Asked my mom to open the blinds for my plants and she really just went above and

— Regan Speyer (@ReganSpeyer) March 27, 2019 Read more…

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Twitter and Google now under scrutiny for housing discrimination


It appears that, just like misery, an investigation into possible discriminatory ad practices facilitated by a tech giant loves company. 

Following the March 28 revelation that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has filed charges against Facebook for allegedly violating the Fair Housing Act, the Washington Post now reports that Google and Twitter are under investigation by the same agency. And for more or less the same thing. 

It turns out that HUD is looking into the super specific ad-targeting features offered by the companies in an effort to determine if they facilitate housing discrimination. An advertising platform that, say, allows the owner of an apartment complex to purposefully exclude certain groups — such as people of color — from seeing new listings would be in violation of the law.  Read more…

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