DoubleDutch CEO Bryan Parker is out after a couple of months

Facebook admits to nearly as many fake or clone accounts as the U.S. population

Amid the distraction of Facebook’s blockbuster earnings this week, the company quietly admitted to hosting more phony accounts than previously revealed.  

The social network upped its estimate of the portion of fake accounts from 2 to 3 percent and the number of duplicates from 6 to 10 percent, Business Insider first reported.

That means that as many as 270 million of the platform’s 2.1-billion-strong user base could be fraudulent — a population verging on the size of the United States. 

Facebook said the change was due to better tools for tracking illegitimate activity rather than a sudden spike in fishy sign-ups.   Read more…

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American hero deactivates Trump’s Twitter account on their last day

Some heroes wear capes. 

Some heroes work in Twitter customer support. 

Donald Trump’s Twitter account went down for 11 glorious minutes on Thursday, and the internet went absolutely crazy. 

It turns out this wasn’t some accident. Some brave employee deactivated the account on their last day. 

Through our investigation we have learned that this was done by a Twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee’s last day. We are conducting a full internal review

— Twitter Government (@TwitterGov) November 3, 2017 Read more…

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Pimax is raking in millions for an ‘8K’ VR headset to take on Facebook and HTC

‘House of Cards’ crew members claim widespread harassment from Kevin Spacey on set

New sexual harassment allegations against Kevin Spacey have surfaced in a CNN report, with several House of Cards crew members claiming to have witnessed or been victims of the actor’s harassment on set of the Netflix series over the past few years.

Accusers who spoke to CNN under condition of anonymity included a former production assistant, a former camera assistant, a former female production assistant, and several other crew members — eight in total — who claimed that Spacey’s routinely predatory behavior created, according to the production assistant, “a toxic environment for young men who had to interact with him at all in the crew, cast, background actors.” Read more…

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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ has two post-credits scenes. Here’s what they mean.

Spoiler alert: This post contains major spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok

No Marvel Cinematic Universe movie ever just ends when it ends. All of them reward audiences who sit through the credits, using the time to cram in another beat or two (or five).

In the case of Thor: Ragnarok, there are two end-credits scenes – one that teases a future installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and another that seems to be just for fun. Here’s what they are and what they mean.

1. Thor and Loki encounter a giant ship

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2 senators just trolled Facebook

Russia’s not the only country who knows how to troll. 

Two Democratic senators created a Facebook page for a fake political group, just to prove that they could.

Ads for the page — created by Mark Warner of Virginia and Minnesota’s Amy Klobuchar — were able to reach 1,407 Washington D.C.-based journalists, and 1,369 other Capitol Hill staffers. They only paid $20. 

Yes. That’s how easy it is to spread fake news. 

The page promoted a non-existent political group called Americans for Discourse Solutions. Over 24 hours, the two senators bought ads to target the staffers and journalists in question.  Read more…

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