People are jokingly asking USC to consider admitting their very gifted dogs


Unleash the scholarships! 

In the wake of the college admissions scandal that shocked the internet, jokes about the situation have proliferated. The first round consisted of people tweeting out the “old-fashioned” ways they got into college. Now, the dogs want in. 

People have begun posting photos of their pets along with their “credentials,” asking USC admissions to accept them. (For those who are not steeped in this scandal, actress Lori Louglin allegedly bought her daughter’s admission to USC.) 

We must say, these are some fetching applicants. 

Hey @USC,

My dogs are pretty good at water polo. Can you designate them as recruits?


P.S. Don’t worry, this photo is not

— Ian Adomeit (@IanAdomeit) March 14, 2019 Read more…

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