Procrastination:danger process for career growth

The act of delaying the task to next moment is called procrastination. For being productive life, this is one of the worst thing that could happen.  It damages our plan and results in nothing being productive. Procrastination sometimes, can be good for the case like of you are smoking but for most moments this is delayed.

ARSENIC Examples

We tend to know about the arsenic is  chemical material is is very dangerous to health of individual. But if we consume day by day, the immediate result will be nothing. In the long term, the arsenic will causes rashes in the skin and damages our whole body system. Procrastination is just same thing, a few days of procrastination will not harm you but what if we procrastinate our life in daily way. The result is same like arsenic which is very disastrous.


Solution of Procrastination

Procrastination while in simple way is psychiatric term, which can be solved with regular practice. One of the step is Pomodoro Technique. It states that our mind can focus on anything for sharp 25 minutes, then we should take break of certain mind relaxation and again continue the next Pomodoro.Pomodoro itself is 25 minute timer machine, from where we should get focused from distractions. According to research our mind can focus for 5 minutes with out exhaust. So Pomodoro will be great technique for mind use with mind relaxation, which on regular practice makes us productive.

Other steps to beat procrastination is the self control of mind and body. This is the hardest way to solve the problem as it requires dedicated practice and method.

Just if we know the causes of poisoning, we wont take that poison. Similarly, why can’t we intake solutions, if we do knew about the results of procrastination.  Here is one of the link of TED show that will show your humor on procrastination.


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