Purchase a subscription with PureVPN and get a free trial worth over £8 to gift to a friend


Sharing is caring, as the saying goes. 

That means if you think of yourself as a caring individual then you need to back it up with actions. You need to be sharing your food, sharing closet space, and even sharing your VPN. 

The whole food and closet situation might seem like a step too far, and the prospect of sharing a VPN might be confusing, but it really isn’t with PureVPN. Any user who purchases a subscription with PureVPN can now gift a one-month free trial of the service to a friend. It’s as simple and easy as that.

There are a few points to remember before you get busy sharing, though. Only PureVPN’s subscribed users can send these invitations out, users who have redeemed the gift cannot then send out invites, and invite links are only valid for 30 days. Obviously, the free gifts cannot be sent to existing users, and once an offer is rejected it cannot be resent to the same recipient. All pretty straightforward, don’t you think? Read more…

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