The trans meme community on Reddit is about so much more than jokes


There are dozens of subreddits for the trans community on Reddit, each designed to meet a certain psychological need. 

There’s r/asktransgender, dedicated to people’s questions about the community, r/transgender, a subreddit for trans news, and r/transtimelines, where people can document their transitions. These are large and vibrant groups, with followers in the tens of thousands.

But for some folks who are just coming out as trans, memes and GIFs — not traditional, location-based support groups or advice-based subreddits — are where they first find community. 

Take r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns, Reddit’s oldest active subreddit for trans-centered shitposts, memes, and GIFs.  Traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns currently has over 84,300 “shitposters,” many of whom post meaningful content about transphobia or transitioning, then disguise it in shitpost robes or meme make-up.  Read more…

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