Twitter’s new dark mode is actually black and it’s glorious


One of the best design trends of the last year or so is the rise of dark themes for popular apps. If you spend a lot of time staring at screens, dark modes are both easier on the eyes and your battery life. 

Now, Twitter is making its dark mode even better, with a new darker theme that’s actually black (as opposed to the previous navy blue-tinged color scheme) and the ability to enable dark mode automatically. 

With the changes (which are out on iOS now), Twitter is adding a blacker variation of dark mod  called “Lights Out.” Unlike the app’s previous dark theme, Lights Out is actually black – “a pure black color palette that emits no light since the pixels are turned off,” according to Twitter. Here’s what it looks like compared to the old night mode (which is still available and now labeled as “Dim” in the app.)  Read more…

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