These JBL headphones are Bose QC competitors and are on sale for under $85


Buying a pair of nice headphones is basically the kiss of death for your wallet.

But when there’s no happy medium between the ones that are $30 and ones that are $200, are you just supposed to succumb to the crappy ones?

Well, you don’t have to: The JBL E55BT wireless over-ear headphones offer some of the warmest sound and best battery life out there, and they’re on sale for $82.80

The actual retail price of these headphones is $149.95, but Amazon inflated it to $195 to make the sale look better. Still, $83.98 is $20 cheaper than Best Buy’s sale price — and if just want to let yourself believe that you found a deal over half off, we don’t blame you. Read more…

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