iPhone X review: This changes everything

Apple’s iPhone X is the beginning of something new.

Holding the iPhone X in my hand triggers a distinct memory of the moment I first cradled the original iPhone. The sensation lingers as I caress the surgical steel band that wraps around the phone and I feel the cool glass back against my palm. Waking the phone snaps me back to the present. I’m suddenly unmoored as my eyes dart across the nearly unblemished Super Retina OLED screen, searching desperately for the home button.

There is no home button, just a stunning 5.8-inch screen that hugs the edge, reaching for the silver band that’s just millimeters away. All of it is so beautiful, save for that peninsula of darkness at the top — the notch that intrudes on the otherwise perfect industrial design of the iPhone X, but also proves critical to its operation and serves as yet another signal that this is not just another iPhone. Read more…

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‘Rocket League’ is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch in November


Mark your calendars, folks. 

Rocket League will be finally released on the Nintendo Switch on November 14.

According to game developer Psyonix, the Switch version of the football-racing hybrid will have “content, features and modes available in other versions of the game,” but will also feature battle cars that are exclusive to the Switch, including “Mario NSR,” “Luigi NSR,” and “Samus’ Gunship.”

The game will retail for $19.90 through Nintendo’s e-shop. 

People got pretty excited about the launch, to say the least.

#RLonSwitch IM SO HAPPY!!! I legit bought a switch just for rocket league. I can’t WAIT

— MitchDaGamerYT (@MitchDaGamerYT) October 30, 2017 Read more…

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