Search Engine Optimization Basics


The process of getting organic results that led to get what you get your site in the first page of the search engines. Search Engine is one of the technical marketing too that leads to customer access in without hard way.

In this modern era, people just use Google to find out the relevant information. The relevant information should match the information we are searching. Hence, to give users what they need to find, we need to market that page; the way of marketing organically without doing any advertisements except the better content is search engine. The process of getting results in top of the sites of search engine is called search engine optimization.

SEO is especially focused for startups, product owners, blogger and big organizations.

Definitely, question arises in our mind like, why SEO and why we need to do SEO for our product?

  1. SEO leads to get targeted customers, i.e the SEO page can be well optimized and customer tends to go to our web pages and get the details , so that sales or hits may increase high. Visitors directly go for specific sites and get what they need, Hence sales rises.
  2. SEO is inbound in nature, you don’t need to here and there for the marketing neither you need t approach other marketing approaches like calling,emailing and social posting. Customer is coming to you, not you are going direct to customer.
  3. SEO is automated, if our site is well SEO optimized then it can be on top of page for weeks, months and more. Search Engine sends visitor 24/7/365 if site is well SEO optimized.
what is SEO?


Basically there are two words that led to SEO understandings. The two words are the foundation of SEO learning. Learning those two words and you will learn the best. The two words are optimization and authority.

  1. Optimization: Optimization means making sure that Google understood what keywords you are targeting, what services and products you sell them. Optimization means recognizing the exact keywords to make Google understand what items we are trying to convince them.
  2. Authority: Authority means making sure that Google know you have the best content to match for the users for their given keywords. Though we have content that is best but it needs to be best for users with keywords search.

Difference Between Website and Web-pages

Google searches web pages for the relevant information not the websites, hence it is considerable to use SEO in all pages rather than only home page. Google displays web pages in the search results in the search results, so we need to think about SEO on per page level.


For details on learning about SEO following resources on articles and tutorials can always be read.

  1. Moz
  2. Google
  3. Wikipedia

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