Tech regulation in Europe will only get tougher

Website secretly livestreamed 1,600 unwitting hotel guests for paying members

No, you’re not being paranoid. 

Four individuals have been arrested for a scheme allegedly involving spy cams in 42 motel rooms across South Korea and the livestreaming of up to 1,600 unwitting guests. The intended audience, however, was much larger than just those four — a website broadcast the videos to its over 4,000 members, at least some of whom paid for access. 

So reports the Korean Herald, which notes that the hidden IP cameras had 1-millimeter lenses and were installed in TVs, power outlets, and other seemingly innocuous hotel room fixtures. The paper adds that, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s cyber investigation unit, the scheme reached 30 different motels in 10 cities across the country.  Read more…

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