Save £10 on the thinner and lighter 6-inch Kindle e-reader


To be stuck on a long train ride, without a seat, is truly one of the most painful things you can experience in life. We’re putting it up there with childbirth and marathon running. 

Something that can make this torture slightly more bearable is a good book. You can lose yourself in something other than the sweat, cramp, and funky smells of the over-crowded carriage. This only really applies if you possess a lightweight e-reader though, because we’re sorry, there’s no way you can casually flick through a hardback if you can hardly move your arms.

There’s something really special about a paper book, but sometimes you need something considerably lighter and thinner, and that’s when the 6-inch Kindle e-reader is perfect. Available in either black or white, with a touchscreen display that reads like printed paper, this e-reader is ideal for commuters. Read more…

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