Sex toy debacle reveals shameful double standard at CES


In a year many deemed lackluster, the most interesting new tech of CES 2019 could not be found in a single one of the more than 4,000 exhibitor booths that populate the convention’s 2.7 million square feet of show floor. 

To find it, I actually had to go to a small, unofficial off-site meeting room where the women of Lora DiCarlo, a sex tech company, were huddled together. 

The device they’d created, Osé, solves a major problem. For a long time, women have been forced to be content with one-size-fits-all vibrators. But the Osé customizes to fit the vastly different interior anatomies of every woman’s body. Without using any vibration (since that often leads to desensitization), it instead stimulates the clitoris and G-spot in a multitude of ways mimicking a partner’s touch to achieve the “holy grail” of the blended female orgasm. Read more…

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