The 8 absolute cringiest Michael Scott quotes in ‘The Office’ history


As the vast and fervent fandom of The Office knows, March 15 is notable for two, and only two, birthdays: those of Michael Scott and Eva Longoria, a fun fact Scott points out in the Season 2 episode “Michael’s Birthday.”

His follow-up about having an icebreaker if he ever meets Longoria’s Desperate Housewives co-star is … just so inherently Michael. 

Michael Scott quote:  "I have the perfect ice breaker, if I ever meet Teri Hatcher,"

Image: Mashable Composite; The Office/Netflix

The episode is a great reminder of just how cringe-worthy Michael can get. He insists the entire office celebrate his birthday as opposed to worrying about accountant Kevin, who may or may not have skin cancer. Read more…

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