Addiction: lets think a different way

What is addiction?

Addiction is process of getting overly attached for something that you always try for. It has been found that addiction gets you hard when you don’t get something what you want and expect it hard. Instance of addiction is drug addiction. One of the research on rat found that rat when left alone in cage allowed 2 sets of water one filled with drugs and next filled with normal water. It has been found that rat drink that drug filled water and get addicted to it.

On same to same another research, a professor conducted an experiment where a heaven ground for rat has been prepared and rats are allowed to do everything like playing with their friends, having sex and enjoying with each. Professor also left there 2 sets of water bottle one filled water and next filled with drugged water. It has been noticed that none of the rats died due to to drug abuse. So professor concludes addiction is the result of disconnection.

When one becomes alone in life, it’s better to pass time with drugged materials but if there is connection with friends and let the mind get occupied then getting drugged or addicted is of no chance. People tend to use reddit, play unlimited video games,  watch porn, use smart-phones all the time due to loneliness and it’s like addiction to maintain good time pass. People get addicted for better but they always fall in vicious circle and never comes out

Addiction is symptom of getting disconnection. In this modern society we tend to build lots of luxury centric options. Choosing floors over friends and choosing stuff(items) over connection is the other matter. Also one who have been addicted has been kicked out from society giving them not proper chance to rise ahead and do ahead as stable one.

For complete understand of addiction this Ted ed video can be boon for us

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