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Fisker unveils plans for $40,000 electric SUV to compete with Tesla Model Y

Several years ago, Fisker was considered a viable Tesla competitor — but after problems with its Karma electric luxury sedan, it slipped out of the limelight. 

But on Monday, the company from iconic car designer Henrik Fisker, announced it was ready to take on Tesla again. It unveiled an unnamed electric SUV priced at $40,000. It’s supposed to be the first of three “affordable” electric vehicles coming from the car maker.

Although details are scarce this early in the process, Fisker made the announcement just days after Tesla unveiled its Model Y compact SUV. The pricing for Tesla’s newest car? It starts at $39,000.  Read more…

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Here’s what some electric vehicles will sound like to warn pedestrians

The American rock band Linkin Park is helping Mercedes-AMG come up with just the right sound for its electric performance car.

That’s not a joke. At the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month, Mercedes executives said the music group would develop the sound the normally quiet battery-powered vehicles would make when driving to alert pedestrians.

That’s because electric vehicles are pretty much silent, and dangerously so, regulators say. Think about your cellphone or other electronic device — you don’t hear much noise coming from it when it’s on and running. Now think about your gas-powered car and all the vrooms, hissing, and revs it makes when the engine is on. An EV is more cellphone-like than you’d think. Read more…

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