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Transit officials checked out Elon Musk’s tunnel and tried very hard not to mock it

Virginia transit officials don’t seem very impressed with Elon Musk’s tunnel and they had a very hard time trying to hide it.

The state’s public transit subcommittee is in talks to invest billions of dollars to upgrade its transportation systems. However, the board was worried that rail infrastructure projects would soon be rendered obsolete by technology like Elon Musk’s much-hyped tunnel. So, earlier this year Elon Musk’s Boring Company provided a tour of its tunnel in Southern California to Virginia transit officials.

This week, the transit professionals who experienced Musk’s tunnel shared their opinions to the subcommittee. Read more…

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Well that was one hell of a party. 

On Thursday night, Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Model Y to a pumped-up crowd of Tesla fan boys, employees, investors, and media at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, CA.

“We’re literally bringing sexy back,” Musk said, after walking onto the stage to the opening bars of the ’90s hit “I’m Too Sexy.” Musk was alluding to the fact that his line of cars, the Models S, 3, X, and now Y, now intentionally spell out the word — you guessed it — “sexy.” Or, uh, S3XY.

A newly completed wall at Tesla's design studio.

A newly completed wall at Tesla’s design studio.

Image: rachel kraus/mashable

Tesla bills its new model as an affordable crossover vehicle, that, as Musk said, “has the functionality of an SUV, rides like a sports car.” IRL, it kind of looks like the hatchback version of the Model 3; with cheeky curves and a big, bubbly behind, call it the Cardi B of Teslas. Read more…

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