Check out newly leaked Galaxy S9 photos before leaks don’t matter anymore

newly leaked Galaxy S9 photos
Newly leaked Galaxy S9 photos

Before Samsung’s Galaxy S9 takes its big bow on Feb. 25, there’s one, (presumably) last leaky look at the hinted-at-but-technically-unannounced smartphone and its larger S9+ sibling.

Photos posted to what looks like a recently created Instagram account offer views of each phone’s startup, home, main menu, and lock screens, as well as the devices themselves. It’s certainly possible these are doctored images — your “grain of salt” alert — but it’s much more likely you’re seeing the real deal here.

Check out a couple of the images embedded below and find the rest on the Instagram page here.

Samsung first teased a Feb. 25 reveal for what most presumed to be the S9 in late January.  The invite bore a large “9” along with a message — “The Camera. Reimagined.” It was clear enough this would be an S9 reveal, but it was never formally stated.

In the weeks since, many details have surfaced to paint a nearly complete picture of the upcoming smartphones. We’ve heard about enhanced face recognition, new colors, a headphone jack, 3D emoji, and more. This new set of images completes the picture.

Stay tuned for the official reveal, along with who knows what else, as the Galaxy Unpacked celebration kicks off at 12 p.m. ET on Feb. 25.