8 Snapchat pranks you can pull off from the comfort of your phone


With Snapchat, you can nail pranking from the comfort of your own phone.

The app, aside from being a great way to transform yourself into a cartoon dog, is a veritable prank playground — and after you pull off the perfect Snapchat prank, the evidence will be gone forever.

Snap away, pranking millennials.

1. Snap a picture of a beach stock photo, then pretend you’re on vacation.

Fake vacation Snapchat prank

Your acquaintances will wish they were at the real, not fake beach with you.

2. Confess a “big secret” in a one-second Snap.

Fake secret Snapchat prank

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15 words we use for periods that are funny any time of the month


Shark Week. Aunt Flo. Period.

All of these words are euphemisms for one thing: menstruation. So why can’t we just use the word menstruation instead of all of this period slang? Well, there’s probably a lot of reasons we’re always looking for other words for period, ranging from everything from social pressures to the idea that the word menstruation is just a little bit hard to say. 

An international survey conducted by the health app Clue found that there are more than “5,000 different slang/euphemistic expressions and phrases for periods: from the gentle English ‘Aunt Flo,’ to the dramatic French ‘Les Anglais ont debarqué’ – ‘the English have landed.'” Read more…

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16 kid-friendly subscription boxes parents will love


Subscription boxes are a busy parent’s best friend.

You’re juggling work, kids, and extracurricular activities on a weekly basis — you don’t exactly have time each week to whip up fun activities for you to do together. But what’s the alternative? Sticking your kid in front of an iPad for hours on end? Nah.

That’s where subscription boxes come in. 

Some of the best kid-friendly subscription boxes are the ones created by parents, for parents. There are tons of boxes out there that can act as your monthly helping hand. Box themes are seriously diverse, so you’re bound to find a subscription that seems like it was made for you and your family: Read more…

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Omnidrive’s Online Storage Actually Works

I’ve been talking to Nik Cubrilovic, the founder of Sydney, Australia based Omnidrive, since I posted about the need for a good online storage service in November (see no. 1 in that post). I’ve had the chance to test it over the last few days. It’s pre-beta but will be launching soon. They’ve solved a […]