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Say what you want about their products and business models, but Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, and their contemporaries are monuments to web development — living proof of how far the medium has come, and where it’s capable of going in the future. Each site was painstakingly built and honed by hardworking teams of programmers and designers, all of whom drew from their unique toolboxes of languages, libraries, and software to create innovative experiences. 

The Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle is a crash course in many of those tools — from C to SQL to Bootstrap to Python. Over its 78 hours of content, it can show would-be developers how to build dynamic websites and apps, manage massive databases, and gain skills sought by rising startups and internet titans alike. Each of the program’s 14 courses is worth nearly $200 on its own, but you can get them all in one complete package for just $49. Here’s a glimpse at what it’ll add to your toolbox if you enroll today. Read more…

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