Save $360 on the 2017 Microsoft Surface Pro — still one of the best 2-in-1 laptops out there

Congrats: If you’ve held out this long through the shopping season, anxiously awaiting discounts bigger than Black Friday, you made a smart move. 

Best Buy’s 20 Days of Doorbusters continues with a massive deal on one of the best 2-in-1 laptops out there: 2017’s 5th generation Microsoft Surface Pro, now on sale for a whopping $360 off, keyboard included.

Yes, the newer Pro 6 did just come out earlier this month and yes, and it is undoubtedly spiffy as hell. But TBH, the upgrades are pretty light, and if you’re truly on a mission to save (which is probably why you clicked on this story), the 5th generation definitely holds its own — especially now that it’s about $500 cheaper than similar 6th generation models at their full price. Read more…

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A bug left your Microsoft account wide open to complete takeover

Bug bounty hunter Sahad Nk recently uncovered a series of vulnerabilities that left Microsoft users’ accounts — from your Office documents to your Outlook emails — susceptible to hacking.

While working as a security researcher with cybersecurity site SafetyDetective, Nk discovered that he was able to take over the Microsoft subdomain,, because it wasn’t properly configured. This allowed the bug hunter to set up an Azure web app that pointed to the domain’s CNAME record, which maps domain aliases and subdomains to the main domain. By doing this, Nk not only takes control of the subdomain, but also receives any and all data sent to it. Read more…

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Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is a wondrous device for creatives who can afford it

Microsoft Surface Studio 2
$3,499 (starting)
The Good

Gorgeous • expansive 28-inch screen • Beautiful • minimal design • All-in-one digital studio • with touchscreen

The Bad

Intimidatingly high price • Big change for Apple loyalists • Not a huge improvement from first gen

The Bottom Line

The Surface Studio 2 is a wondrous device that stakes a bold claim for Microsoft as a brand for artists and creatives, asking a high price in return.

Mashable Score4.0
Cool Factor5.0
Learning Curve3.0
Bang for the Buck4.0

A digital artist’s workspace is an expression of their creative process. The positioning of screens, layout of canvases and programming of shortcut keys reflect the personality and routine of the individual user. It’s a very personal thing, and finding the right fit is important. Read more…

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US tech giants decry Australia’s ‘deeply flawed’ new anti-encryption law

Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge is real, and it’s coming to the Mac

Recent rumors were real: Microsoft’s Edge will become a Chromium-based browser. 

Microsoft’s Corporate VP Joe Belfiore revealed the news in a blog post Thursday, saying the company intends to “to adopt the Chromium open source project in the development of Microsoft Edge on the desktop.”

Here’s the kicker: Microsoft plans to bring this new, Chromium-based Edge browser to the Mac. 

According to Belfiore, Microsoft plans to make the switch to Chromium “over the next year or so.” 

For users, this means better compliance with web standards and other Chromium-based browsers such as Google’s Chrome and Opera. Microsoft also plans to deliver and update Edge more frequently to all supported versions of Windows. And, finally, Microsoft hopes that its participation in the Chromium project will make other Chromium-based browsers better on Windows devices.  Read more…

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Qualcomm expands its PC bet with its new 7nm 8cx platform