Amazon launches its Echo devices and Alexa in Japan

 Amazon has continued its hardware push into Asia after it launched the Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot in Japan today. Alongside the hardware, it is also making its Alexa voice assistant available in the country. That means that developers will gain access to Alexa Skills — which has support for Japanese — while consumers will also be able to use Alexa alongside their hardware and… Read More

Crunch Report | Look, ma! No hands

Today’s Stories  Apple Pay Cash launches in beta today, letting you send and receive cash in Messages Waymo now testing its self-driving cars on public roads with no one at the wheel Waymo’s first product will be its own on-demand ride hailing service These are Uber’s new ‘cultural norms’ Credits Written by: MRD Hosted by: MRD Filmed by: Joe Zolnoski… Read More

Chrissy Teigen swears she’ll never use Twitter’s new 280-character limit


Twitter just doubled its upper character limit, and not everyone’s psyched

Especially hardcore tweeter Chrissy Teigen, who posted a “fight song” refusal to ever use, favorite, or retweet any 280-character tweets.

The American model, TV host and cookbook author tweeted this to her 8.3 million followers on Tuesday:

I will NEVER use 280 characters nor will I favorite or retweet a tweet with them. THIS IS MY FIGHT SONG

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) November 8, 2017

Them’s fightin’ words alright—words we’re not 100 percent sure she’ll stick to, but hey, we like the enthusiasm. Read more…

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Trans woman beats ‘chief homophobe’ in historic Virginia race


History was made in Virginia on Tuesday when a 33-year-old woman became the state’s first openly transgender elected official.

And to top off the momentous win, Democrat Danica Roem unseated a Republican incumbent who calls himself the state’s “chief homophobe.”

Roem, a journalist and metal-loving mom, beat out 26-year incumbent Robert G. Marshall, 73, for the House of Delegates seat that represents Prince William County.

The win had LGBTQ advocates — and Democrats seeking to turn the tide against Trumpian-style candidates — cheering.  Read more…

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Welp, Trump has embraced Twitter’s new 280-character limit


President Donald Trump took advantage of Twitter’s expanded character count on Tuesday — but the excess words didn’t really add much.

He used 216 characters to let everyone know he was about to make a speech in South Korea and then travel to China. Riveting stuff.

Getting ready to make a major speech to the National Assembly here in South Korea, then will be headed to China where I very much look forward to meeting with President Xi who is just off his great political victory.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 8, 2017

But the old 140-character Twitter would’ve worked just fine to get his pretty boring point across. Here’s what his tweet should’ve looked like: Read more…

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Drake tests out new untitled song during his world tour


Drake is busy doing the world tour thing, but that doesn’t stop him from trying out some new material.

The Canadian R&B artist was in Auckland, New Zealand in the last week as part of his “Boy Meets World” tour, and tested out a previously unheard song on the crowd of screaming fans.

It has no title or release date as yet, but here’s a 24-second snippet of what it sounds like. There’s references to champagne and death.

Drake performing a New Song 🌺🌎

— Drake 🦉 (@TalkOnRoad) November 6, 2017 Read more…

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Kim Kardashian West on apps, social media, and her most-used Kimoji


Kim Kardashian West is a business, first and foremost. From her humble Keeping Up With The Kardashians roots – now in its tenth season on E! – she’s has built a career featuring all the trappings of a lifestyle mogul success story. 

There are Kim K. fragrances, Kim K. contour kits, Kim K. Kimojis. There’s also her wildly successful mobile game (in which people can pretend to be famous) and her Kim Kardashian West official app (in which people can watch Kim be actually famous).  

Now, she’s got another mobile project in the works: She’s – per a spokesperson – an “early adopter and advisor” on a new fashion app called ScreenShop. Users plug screenshot photos of friends or Instagram models or Kim, even, into the free app, and it’ll breakdown the outfit by piece, suggesting similar items from participating clothing retailers. Read more…

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What 280 characters means for Twitter’s future


At its core, the internet as we know it exists in a state of permanent contradiction where everything both simultaneously lasts forever and is constantly in flux. 

It’s perhaps fitting then that Twitter, the social media service most identified with brevity, has doubled the upper character limit its users can tweet, while at the same time insisting the fundamental change in no way alters its essence.

But can Twitter thrive in this liminal state of concise and verbose, and what does the change mean for a platform that struggles to add real users at the same time it fails to identify and delete fake onesRead more…

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Cops respond to calls for help, but it was just a dramatic parrot


Diego the parrot somehow learned to yell the word “help,” and his cry caused quite the confusion this week.

@UPS driver heard someone yelling “help” inside house. Deputies responded and found the culprit. Thankfully Diego the Parrot was unharmed

— Clackamas Sheriff (@ClackCoSheriff) November 7, 2017

According to a report from Oregon Live, an unnamed delivery driver was out on his route at approximately 7:45 p.m. near Clackamas, Oregon on Monday when he heard what sounded like someone calling for help.  Read more…

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